John Legend Literally Honors ‘All of the Girls’ in New Video

From Spin Magazine: “You and I (Nobody in the World)” rallys respect for women, supports #OperationGirl

July 10, 2014

“John Legend premiered his touching new music video today, serving up, not just his soulful standard, but a powerful message of change and a call to arms in the name of women. Legend’s place in the video is with the Kate Moss-type (his wife), but the ensuing vignettes paint intimate portraits of a movingly diverse host of women, shot from the point of the view of the mirrors they reflect in. Furthermore, the video’s homage to women of all stripes offers a chance to go beyond Dove-commerical activism, as Legend promotes the six-week campaign #OperationGirl Charity Challenge, a friendly competition to raise the most money between charities dedicated to empowering girls and women.”

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All in on Love

From The Huffington Post: Read John Legend’s Speech delivered May 19, 2014 as part of the University of Pennsylvania’s commencement ceremonies.

May 20, 2014

“…I am truly humbled and honored and grateful to be here at the commencement of one of the finest universities on the planet. I first visited this campus as a high school senior named John Stephens in 1995 — 19 years ago — and I would have never thought at that moment that I would be standing here as John Legend, speaking to you today.

The reason I’m here, the reason I’ve had such a wonderful journey so far, is that I’ve found love. Yes, love. We were all made to love. And I’ve found that we live our best lives, we are at our most successful, not simply because we’re smarter than everyone else, or because we hustle harder. Not because we become millionaires more quickly. The key to success, the key to happiness, is opening your mind and your heart to love. Spending your time doing things you love and with people you love…”

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