Here’s the Most Valuable Modeling Skill Chrissy Teigen Learned in School

From The Hollywood Reporter: The most valuable body movement a model needs isn’t a strong runway walk — it’s a strong handshake, says Chrissy Teigen.

February 18, 2015

“The model recounted her most unconventional classroom lesson as her husband, musician John Legend, announced the launch of Reimagine Learning, an education initiative supporting teachers nationwide as they create innovative learning practices and environments that further foster individual creativity and potential, especially in those who usually fall through the cracks of traditional school systems for whatever reasons — family background, access to resources and disability among them.

‘What’s the future classroom supposed to look like? How do we make the most of all our resources — not just technology, but teachers’ creativity and students’ creativity — and provide an experience that lets kids live up to their full potential?’ Legend asked THR.”